Save the Date: The Russia Forum 2010

Moscow, February 3–5, 2010

What is The Russia Forum?

  • A meeting place for exceptional people impacting the future of Russia and the world ­
  • A new format of economic dialogue – interactive panel discussions on the most relevant topics ­
  • A chance to hear a variety of ideas and opinions on various issues of global development
  • A unique opportunity for first-hand communication with political leaders, directors of Russian and international corporations, asset managers handling billions of dollars of assets, media figures and show business stars
  • A busy entertainment program representing the diversity and wealth of Russian and world culture

The Russia Forum 2010

Russia is attracting more and more attention from investors with its enormous internal market, rapid economic growth and low degree of asset capitalization. Bringing these investors to the Russian market is our strategic task. The Russia Forum is more than just an investment conference. Discussions focus on not only the stock and financial markets but social-political, industry, and regional problems as well as private-state partnerships, infrastructure, and business practices. The open discussion format involving active participation from the hall allows us to present the widest range of opinions and ideas. Participation by leading economists, politicians, ranking officials, heads of Russian and international corporations, representatives of financial institutes and famous businessmen leads to outstanding sessions, sharp polemics, and meaningful discussions.

Professional, deep analysis of Russian market conditions, investment opportunities, the latest economic, political and social trends, personal communication with people who impact the future of Russia and the world – all of this awaits participants in The Russia Forum 2010.

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