.::Day ONE::. Wednesday, February 4

08:00–08:45 Registration
8:45 Opening bell
8:50–9:00 Blue Hall
Welcome and Opening Remarks
09:00–10:30 Blue Hall
Super Panel: Towards a New Financial Architecture: Beyond Blowing Bubbles
10:30–10:50 Coffee Break – White Hall
10:50–12:20 Blue Hall
Challenges Facing Russia: Executive Perspectives
12:20–13:00 Blue Hall
Keynote Speech: Senior Russian Government Official
13:00–14:30 Lunch – White Hall
14:30–16:00 Blue Hall
What Risk Russia? Overcoming Country and Market Risk
Green Hall
Russian Infrastructure: Discovering Opportunities
Red Hall
Investment Capital Case Study: The Auto Industry
Coffee Break – White Hall
16:30–18:00 Blue Hall
Super Panel: Foreign Policy: Towards a New Security Architecture

.::Day TWO::. Thursday, February 5

9:00–10:15 Green Hall
Hypermarkets: Can the Domestic Players Compete?
Blue Hall
New Era for Private Equity: Shopping Spree or Massive Slowdown?
Red Hall
Liquidity, Leverage & Access to Capital
10:15–10:30 Coffee Break – White Hall
10:30–11:45 Green Hall
What have the Emerging Markets Learned from the Current Crisis?
Red Hall
Banks: Consolidation and Change
Blue Hall
Eastern Siberia: The Last Russian Frontier for Oil Production Growth
11:45–12:00 Coffee Break – White Hall
12:00–13:15 Red Hall
Media: Internet and Advertising Spend
Blue Hall
Ruble and Global Currencies: One Year Forward
Green Hall
Market Regulation & Practice: Restoring Confidence
13:15–14:30 Lunch – White Hall
14:30–15:45 Blue Hall
Electricity: After the Breakup
Green Hall
Russian Entrepreneurs: The New Leaders
Red Hall
Made in Russia: Domestic Consumer Goods
15:45–16:00 Coffee Break – White Hall
16:00–17:30 Blue Hall
Super panel: Global Commodities in a Slowing Global Economy

Full schedule of 1:1 meetings with Russian company executives

19:00–22:00 Charity Marathon. Gala-concert “The Gift of Hope”. Performances by cellist Yo Yo Ma, musician and director Valery Gergiev, violinist Vadim Repin, ballerina Uliana Lopatkina, European musical star Anna Maria Kaufman, the Sistine Chapel Choir, actress Chulpan Khamatova, and musician Yuri Bashmet. Gostiniy Dvor.

.::Day THREE::. Friday, February 6

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, 11th Floor
12, Krasnopresnenskaya emb.
08:30 Registration for 1:1 meetings
09:00 Full day of 1:1 meetings
19:00–22:00 Charity Marathon. Rock concert “Zone of Hope”.. Performances by legends of Russian rock – the Samoilov Brothers (Agata Kristi), UMA2RMAN, a famous Russian pop-rock group, as well as performances by other rock stars. Gostiniy Dvor.