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Welcome to the Press Center “Russia Forum 2009″!

The world is surging forward – the global economic landscape is changing, the business community works under a new system of coordinates, the government has increased its role in economic affairs. Despite all the challenges, we believe that now is the time to bring together our partners and clients for a discussion of pressing issues in global affairs, Russian business, and society in general. Like last year, this year’s Russia Forum will make all of this possible, facilitating the discussion of political, economic, financial, and social problems, and creating agreement upon concrete measures. Committed to its role as the market leader, Troika Dialog is happy to organize and guide this process.

Our company has always maintained, and continues to maintain, an open relationship with the mass media. We see in the media a reliable partner, with whom we share a common goal – objectively portraying economic development in Russia and the situation in finance and on the securities markets. On the Russia Forum site you will find a tool that we created to assist you, representatives of the media community. It will help you to receive greater access to information, coordinate your work during the Forum, and make your work at the event as comfortable as possible.

The Forum is traditionally packed with events and information. Many sessions take place at parallel times, and the discussions occasionally last as long as the evening soirees. This means that even the most active participants will have a hard time visiting everything. Our hope is that this page will help you find out the things that happened “off camera”. Those who for one reason or another are unable to directly participate in the Russia Forum may find this page especially useful.

For example, our page will carry updated info on key reports from previous sessions, as well as access to the photo archive. Here you can organize interviews with key speakers, and participate in press briefings. Just like last year, the Forum venue will include a technically equipped workspace, as well as separate studios. The Press Centre page will soon include a Forum registration form and a calendar of events for mass media outlets. Troika Dialog’s press service staff will be there to help throughout the Forum. Our goal is to make journalists’ work as effective and meaningful as possible. For now, you can get acquainted with participant reviews and the key news reports from the Russia Forum 2008.